Collection description

Minimalist design, pure and geometric form and functionality dedicated to hotel facilities with higher standard – this is how you can describe the collection of QUANTIC furniture.


Based on a common square module, the collection exudes sophistication and tranquillity. All the elements work together, organising the space and creating a clear composition. The painted steel cubic modules form a distinct element of this collection. They can function as bedside tables or shelves attached to the wall panels as well as co-create a multifunctional table. The collection is complemented by two models of exclusive micro-kitchens hidden in the form of a freestanding chest – simply lift the table top to discover a fully equipped and comfortable kitchen.

The furniture colletion is designed by B.P. Nowicki bpnowicki.pl


Looking for style and character for your investment – back this metropolitan minimalism.

Color I
Color II
Color III
Color IV

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